Photo of Ward Smith, London based acoustic duo

Based in London, Ward Smith provide epic entertainment for events across the UK and worldwide. Think bespoke duos and trios for weddings, events & public gigs together with the best bands in the industry to finish the night.

Known for creating memorable wedding & corporate music that is truly unique, live music is our absolute passion.

Hi! I’m Vic

…and I’m the lead singer of Ward Smith.

Ward Smith started out as an acoustic duo all the way back in 2013. Back then we were just enjoying performing for friends and family. As word of our performances spread, we started receiving enquiries via word of mouth. A year later bookings were coming in from far and wide, taking us to amazing new places.

We’re passionate about acoustic music and its capacity to elevate any situation. Whether your event is small and intimate or reverberating with excitement, we’d love to come celebrate with you.

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