How to keep people dancing at your wedding or event

How to keep people dancing at your wedding or event
February 18, 2020 vw1983

How to keep people dancing at your wedding or event¬†💃🏻🕺🏿

So, you have an amazing occasion planned and you’re wondering how to keep people dancing all night long? Here are some of our top tips:

Make sure you’re on the dance floor!

You’ll set the tone for your evening reception so, if you’d like a packed dance floor be sure to spend plenty of time on there! If you look like you’re having fun dancing, it encourages others to join you.

Close doors leading outside

If the room the dance floor is in has doors leading outside, keep them closed (if you can). This is especially true in summer, where guests may be more inclined to congregate outside.

Ensure critical mass

Most people get quite self-conscious when it comes to an empty dance floor. Rope in your most extroverted friends/groomsmen and bridesmaids ahead of time to help get the party started. Ensure the necessary ‘critical mass’ of people on the dance floor will help your less extroverted guests along.


This is a tip from our fab photographer friend Emma at Epic Love Story. Make sure your photobooth is in the same room as your band so it doesn’t create a second place for guests to congregate. We’d add that it’s best to ask your photobooth provider to ensure props are only accessible once guests are in the booth (and not displayed outside). This stops guests congregating around the stand to play with props. Bear in mind that these two tips aren’t essential…they can just have an effect the dance floor!

A paid bar

Need we say more?

Ensure there’ll be enough bar staff serving

Queuing at the bar isn’t much fun. Worse still, if the bar’s backed up, that’s fewer people (in your key ‘not entirely sober’ demographic) on the dance floor.

Rely on your band’s suggestions

We’ll be reading the audience the whole time, and can draw on years of experience to judge what songs they’ll respond to best.

Take the lights down low…bright lighting is the absolute no.1 dance floor killer!

Make sure the lights are off or dimmed. If it’s summer, you may also want to close any curtains (or consider having the band start at dusk).

Limit sprawl!

A venue with lots of rooms is fab, but it can be problematic when it comes to the evening. It’s a lovely idea to have guests chilling out in various rooms, and if that’s what you want then go for it. However, it will impact the dance floor. If you’d like to avoid this, you may want to consider roping off some rooms or…

Ensure there’s upbeat music playing in other rooms/spaces

Place Sonos systems in any rooms guests might hang out in that don’t directly adjoin the room the band is playing in. This will help keep the energy of these other rooms ‘up’, rather than creating little pockets of tiredness, which can suck the life right out of the party! If you don’t own a Sonos system, ask friends to bring theirs in advance. Put one of these friend’s (ideally the nerdiest and most tech loving) in charge of the playlist and bluetooth pairing the devices.

Just have a good time

Being a host can be stressful and sometimes we focus too much on whether other people are having a good time. People pick up on this stress…and it subtly stresses them out! The best way to ensure your guests have a good time is to relax, let it all go and focus on having a good time yourself!