Using Your Own Playlist…

Using Your Own Playlist…
May 22, 2019 vw1983

Using your own playlists

Today I thought I’d write a little post to help clients who’ve decided that they’d like to play one of their own playlists via our PA at their wedding or event.

We’re very happy to use your playlist. In order to do this there are a few requirements you’ll need to meet, which are all set out below.

Our best advice: use our playlists during the interval between sets 

We totally understand that it’s your event and it makes total sense that you’d want to compile a playlist of absolute bangers! Our best advice is to save these for after the band finishes.

We take care to craft the dynamic of our performances.  A playlist of absolute bangers including loads of tech effects and 12 track production efforts can be a hard act for any band to follow. Our interval playlist is mindful not to shift this dynamic or move it on to much.

If you’d still like to use your own playlist during the interval…

Try to bear in mind what you’ve asked us to do for you. Asked for the first set to be down and mid beat? Keep your interval playlist mid-beat.

Try to bear the size of the band in mind. If you’ve booked the trio then a load of big pop and funk hits is going to create quite a contrast.

And although it seems obvious…try to avoid putting songs in the playlist that are also in our repertoire 🙂 We all love a bit of Uptown Funk, but twice in the space of an hour…not so much.

Ideally we’d like to download your playlist on to our device

If you created your playlist using Spotify then we will be happy to download it on to our iPad (recommended). This only applies if you’ve made your playlist on Spotify. If you’ve created your playlist using another application or programme (e.g. iTunes) then you will need to provided it on your own device (for more info see below). In general we advise against this, but only because we’ve seen it go wrong :-).

If you’ve made your playlist using Spotify please provide a link on the questionnaire (you will be prompted to do so)

This diagram explains how to get a shareable link for your playlist:

Please finalise your playlist before you return your questionnaire to us

Once we have your questionnaire we will download your playlist to our device as part of our preparation for your even.t Once we’ve done this our device may not connect to WiFi again before your event. This means any changes you make to your playlist after this time may not be downloaded/reflected.

Please also save your playlist on another device and bring it with you 

This is just a contingency plan should anything happen to our device.

If you haven’t made a Spotify playlist/if we need to use your device 

This device will need to be bluetooth enabled and you will be responsible for pairing your device with our speaker. We may be able to play your playlist via the headphone/output jack of your device if required, however you will need to give us advance warning of this.

If we are using your device to play a playlist please ensure that you have taken off any passcodes, passwords etc. 

In order to use your device we will need it to be completely free of any passwords or passcodes.

Please bring a power cable for your device

Just in case it runs out!

You will be responsible for pairing your device with our equipment (via bluetooth) and responsible for playing/pausing/making any changes you need to make via your device 

We say this as a matter of experience. We don’t want to be responsible for a dying iPhone, a locked iPad or a Windows laptop we have no idea how to pair :). It makes much more sense for it to be the responsibility of the person best placed to fix any of these problems (i.e. the device owner).

Please ask your guests not touch any of our devices or equipment

If you would like the music turned up or down please come and find one of the band. For insurance purposes we need you and your guests to stay clear of all of our devices and equipment.

Thank You

Thank you for taking your time tor read this guide. 🙂